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Mariana Colmenares Castaño

Antenatal Breastmilk Expression: Setting Families Up For Success


Antenatal breastmilk expression may be suggested to mothers, including mothers with diabetes and obesity to improve breastfeeding and maternal and infant outcomes postpartum. It can be a tool for use in these special circumstances, collecting colostrum prenatally can permit supplementation of newborns at risk for hypoglycemia at birth, reducing the use of formula. It is important also to know that teaching mothers hand expression techniques prenatally improves breastfeeding rates. Other clinical cases that can benefit from this practice are women with insufficient glandular tissue, polycystic ovaries, and mothers who have breast surgery. Learn more about the current literature on antenatal milk extraction, the complexity of labour induction and whether there is any truth to the belief that it is not possible to stimulate the nipples during pregnancy because it could start labor, and how and when to implement antenatal milk extraction in practice.