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Anita Nelson

Update on Postpartum Contraception: How Evidence Informs Practice

  • Speaker: Anita Nelson , MD
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  • Duration: 60 Mins
  • Credits: 1 CME

The postpartum period has now been recognized as the fourth stage of labor with immediate and longer-term issues. Major changes have been made in both the timing and content of postpartum care. One of the most notable changes is the growing practice of initiating contraception (especially IUDs, implants and injections) prior to discharging the new mother home. These practices have recognized evidence supporting their safety, even in women who plan to exclusively breastfeed (US MEC, SPR, etc.) and in many states, funding is available through Medicaid programs. This presentation will summarize these new best practices and discuss the impacts they may have on the content of prenatal care too.