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Fedro Alessandro Peccatori

Management Of Breast Cancer During Pregnancy


Breast cancer is the most common cancer diagnosed during pregnancy. The incidence of breast cancer in pregnancy is expected to rise since women tend to postpone childbearing and the incidence of breast cancer increases with age. The management of this situation is a clinical challenge for all the involved health care providers and relies on multidisciplinarity and shared decision making with the patient and her partner. Diagnostic imaging and staging may be safely performed during pregnancy, favoring methods without ionizing radiations (e.g. ultrasound and MRI). Surgery is possible throughout the whole pregnancy. Chemotherapy can be safely administered to the mother starting from the second trimester, without fetal impairment. Data about the impact of chemotherapy on subsequent child development are reassuring, but long term follow-up is needed.

In this lecture we will present an overview of the current knowledge about the biology, prognosis and treatment options of breast cancer during pregnancy, highlighting results of recent research on neonatal outcome and recommendations concerning prenatal care!