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Jeff M. Denney

Imitators Of Preeclampsia: Manifestations Of Endothelial Dysfunction In Context Of Hypertensive Disorders Of Pregnancy

  • Speaker: Jeff M. Denney , MD, MS, FACOG
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  • Duration: 60 Mins
  • Credits: 1 CME

Background: Simply stated, preeclampsia is new-onset hypertension with proteinuria during gestation. However, preeclampsia is complex, virtually affects every organ and is often confused with other entities--imitators of preeclampsia.

Methods: My aim is to provide clinicians with a working framework. Such framework is key in identifying underlying disease processes that mimic or predispose patients toward developing hypertensive disorders and evolving manifestations (eg, renal failure in SLE).

Results: Select data will be reviewed to tie in insights with numerous portals and pathophysiologic processes that lead to pre-eclampsia, hypertensive disorders or pregnancy and the so-called imitators of preeclampsia (eg, AFLP, HELLP, SLE, TTP-HUS). Underlying processes or preexisting chronic diseases all lead to an assortment of physiologic dysfunctions affecting uterus and kidney with or without additional organ involvement.

Conclusion: Many disease processes predispose toward preeclampsia and/or imitators of preeclampsia. Regardless of background and ultimate pathway, over-arching principles are shared.